Every project is unique and deserves a
one of a kind approach.

Successful products begin with innovative ideas. Attentive planning from concept to manufacturing is a powerful differentiator when bringing a new product to the marketplace. OneOak provides tailored expertise for each phase of product development.


Wireless M2M

M2M Technology and Telemetry, Wireless Gateway solutions using 3G and 4G Technology


Vehicle Communications

Digital Fleet Management Solutions for dispatch, GPS tracking and communications


Building Automation

Environmentally responsive technologies for energy conservation and comfort


Environmental Systems

Remote environmental data collection


Energy Monitoring

Electronic and wireless devices to track electricity consumption in real-time and home security


Solid State Lighting

Lighting solutions that use less energy and generate less heat


Consumer Products & Accessories

Devices and accessories for everyday use



Gaming technology accessories and innovative lighting systems

The world has yet to discover your idea.
Let’s make sure they see it.

We take client confidentiality seriously. If you would like to discuss your product concept in more detail, please give us a call. We are always interested in discussing your ideas.

Product Development

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