About Us

Since 2005, we have helped numerous local and international clients turn their ideas into thriving, successful products.

OneOak delivers customized Product Design and Development for a range of industries. At our core, we are collaborators. We are agile enough to partner with clients for isolated tasks and hand the keys over to you at any stage. If your project requires on-site work (integration) or simply an extra set of hands as part of an existing team, we are happy to step in. For comprehensive project management, we work together under one roof to maximize integration and expedite project delivery.


Bruce Miller

Director, Hardware Engineering

Craig Gauld

Director, Mechanical Engineering

Alex Naylor

Hardware Designer

Jason Guo

Industrial Designer

Licensed Design Tools

Our flexible capabilities extend beyond our current licensed tools.
Please ask us if you have a specific need.

Printed Circuit Board design and layout

Mechanical design

Mechanical design

Industrial Design and Visualization